Would you do art of a fat man, being kept in an outdoors pig pen by a loving Master who keeps him naked, collared and with his troughs always full?



Um. Maybe not outside. Keep that sort of stuff to the bedroom or whatever other thing to do your dirty junk but not out in any public place.

…Anon’s basically talking about pig TF WG, aren’t they

Or pig pet play? Not really my cup of tea, but I’ve read some.

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I need to follow more kink blogs.

I would like 

-furry blogs

-FA blogs

-WG blogs

-feederism blogs

-fat stuff blogs

-hentai blogs

please reblog if you are one of those kinds of blogs and I will check you out :3

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What sort of RP's do you like to do?


I love anything male WG/stuffing/feedist couple. As far as fandoms go, I’m into too many of them, mostly cartoons and video games from which I have my own little pairings-I’d-like-to-see-stuff-eachother because I’m gross like that. Never got around to RPing any of those, though. I don’t really have any friends who share both kinks and fandoms with me.

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do you RP?


I do! Though I’m very much of an amateur on it and I’m not the best on keeping it updated, but I think it’s pretty cool!

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Your blog is fantaaaastic <33 It really inspires the feedee in me!


Ahh thank you so much friend, I’m so glad to hear this! :D

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I’m in one of those moods I just want to find a cute boy and feed him cake and other goodies until he’s ready to burst, all while covering him with kisses.

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» Watching cartoons while being a feedist






  • It’s almost a given that your favorite character will end up stuffed or fat at least once


  • Trying to hide it like ‘haha no, i’m not flustered over this what are you talking about’

I always wonder how/why those episodes get made. Are there just boatloads of feedist animators who are like “no but like hear me out… so there’ll be a montage of eating, and then the character winds up really fat!” “but why—that has nothing to do with the plot—” “i know, i know. but i mean, it would be cool right? like, uh… pushing the limits of our anatomy knowledge! and… *sweats* Maybe we can make it a morality lesson about overeating?” “SOLD.”

Latest feederims: Adventure Time. Not only do Jake and Finn have “fat” episodes where they eat too much and stay fat, certain episodes actually contain a lot of hardcore vore. The Lemongrabs, man. Those lemon dudes are the freakiest boundaries pushed for feedism/vore in “children’s” cartoons I’ve ever seen.

I am one hundred percent certain that there are feedist animators and even feedist showrunners for live-action shows lurking amongst the rest of ‘em and slipping shit past the radar all the time. 

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Do you RP on Kik?


I haven’t got a chance to do it yet, but I sure would like giving it a try. :) My kik is ibakedyouacake, just like the blog url.

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The Skips edition of the Regular Show comics has this scene where we find out Rigby drew graffiti all over Benson’s stomach while he was taking a nap. And since I’m garbage I decided to take advantage of the situation and draw pudgy Human!Benson.

I feel a mix of pride and shame for finally taking the leap. Mostly shame.

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I drew kink art for the first time today. It was certainly interesting (and by interesting I mean extremely distressing) to work on it while people barged into my room because my family has no sense of privacy.

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